Our Team

Island Bakery would be nothing without its fabulous team. There are about 30 of us working hard to bring Mull’s best biscuits to you. Everyone plays an essential part in ensuring a steady supply of biscuits from Tobermory to the world!

  • Joe Reade (Taster-in-Chief)

    Joe moved to Mull from Somerset with his family at the tender age of 12. He grew up on a dairy farm, and has picked up that ‘can-do’ attitude that farmers tend to have. He gets to stay indoors when it rains now, but does miss the outdoor life that farmers enjoy on the half-dozen good weather days that Mull’s climate bestows on us. When he isn’t making sure that the biscuits are baking nicely, he likes nothing more than going on an ‘adventure’, either on his bike, or out on a boat.

  • Dawn Reade

    Dawn grew up in Belfast, and bumped into Joe in Edinburgh where they were Geography students. She allowed Joe to talk her into coming back to Mull with him to start the bakery, because she really likes cake, and Mull looked like a nice spot. She looks after the bakery’s social media and marketing, as well as helping Joe with recipe development. Dawn likes to do arty things like knitting, lino-cut prints, papercuts, and nice designs.

  • Lynn Peden

    Lynn is Dawn’s little sister. Lynn has more brains in her little finger than Dawn has in her whole body, according to their dad, Ken. She uses her big brain to keep the bakery accounts and logistics running, and she has an overview on the whole operation a lot more like Big Brother than little sister. Lynn has recently developed a penchant for cruise holidays with all inclusive drinks packages. We do hope her job isn’t driving her to drink.

  • Willie Craig

    Willie is very definitely fae Glasgow. He joined the team in February 2013. He manages all elements of biscuit production from shift rotas, to ordering the hairnets and beard snoods. It is Willie who gets to decide which biscuits we will be baking each day. Recently, Willie has been experimenting with home-brewing beer and wine. He also enjoys sloshing about on a boat.

  • Robert Crumlish

    Robert has worked at Island Bakery for a few years and has just moved into the office to help with all sorts of admin. He is a very talented singer, and performs at home and away. He likes to share his talents with us at all times. We’d like to join in, but really, we would just show him up.

  • Paul Peden

    Keeping things in the family, Paul is Lynn’s husband, and our delivery driver. He takes nearly all the biscuits we make to Glasgow where they go on to their final resting place alongside your cuppa. He gets to drive a forklift too.

With thanks to Richard Kellett photography www.richardkellettphotography.com